Message from our Board President

Sherry Metcalf
Houston Board of Director President, 2019

Welcome to our Houston Journey to Damascus (JTD) website. I have the honor and privilege of being the new President of the Board of Directors for 2019.

I made my Pilgrim Journey October 2012, JTD #110. I was a little anxious as we made our way down that long dirt road at Circle Lake not knowing what to expect. But just like many others, as I felt the love exude from all of the team members I began to relax and enjoy the weekend.

Every time I am asked what the Journey means to me, the answer is always the same…love.

I have truly enjoyed my involvement in this ministry and remain committed to see it thrive as we continue to be “Fishers of Men” for Christ.

We have had some changes in the last year and will see a few more changes in 2019. I feel confident the community will be very pleased with the changes in location.

This year we will continue to find new ways to reach out to the greater community to make more people aware of the Journey to Damascus and what it stands for. We will also continue to emphasize the importance of Reunion Groups and encourage people who have gone through the Journey to find one close to home.

In my year as President of the Board of Directors, I pray that the Journey to Damascus continues to grow and our community continues to thrive. I hope each and every one of you will join me in this goal.

De Colores,

Sherry Metcalf