Message from our Board President

Michael Lehane
Houston Board of Directors President, 2021

It is my privilege and truly an honor to serve as President of the Houston Journey to Damascus board for 2021. Things are gearing up to make the latter part of this year great! As you may have heard, things appear to be returning back to normal. That being the case, we are excited to remind you all about the 2 Journey’s we have coming up! There will be a men’s journey in August (12th – 15th) and a women’s journey in November (11th – 14th).
There is still time to register to serve on team and most definitely sponsor and enroll Pilgrims, so if you know someone who could benefit from one of these weekends, please go to the JTD Houston website link and sign them up! (Register here) Although the name has changed, the location for the Journeys remains the same (Kaiserhof Retreat Center now goes by the name of Camp Lone Star Pines). We strongly encourage existing members serve again to help us make these weekends memorable. As you all have witnessed, the Journey to Damascus weekends are a special experience for both Pilgrim and team members, but none of it would exist without the time and commitment from our community volunteers who run the whole thing. As we approach the second half of 2021, I look forward to serving with you all and urge everyone to keep the Houston Journey to Damascus in your hearts and prayers .
De Colores! Michael Lehane, JTD 112